CCI offers a full range of collection services, delivered by a staff averaging more than ten years of experience. As an extension of your collection efforts, we have the know-how to bring your delinquent accounts current as quickly as possible. Select the service that's just right for your particular situation:

Pre-Collect Letter Services

Primarily for collection of small claims, CCI customizes a series of two to four demand letters to your unique requirements and then sent at intervals you request. The service is based on a flat fee depending on the number of letters required in a series and total units purchased annually. Pre-Collect Letter Service accounts remaining unpaid at the end of a series may be, with your approval, rolled into our Full Collection Service immediately. 

Call or e-mail us for details and a price quote.

Full Collection Services

Our Full Collection Service is a phased system comprised of four distinct service levels. Debt escalates to the next service level until it is recovered.

Level 1: Free Demand
Fourteen Days of Free Demand Time. Sometimes just a letter or two are required to gently nudge a slow-pay. We do not charge for the letters and there are ZERO contingent fees on payments received during the Free Demand Time Frame. Unsuccessful claims are immediately redirected to our personal collection service at the end of the period.

No accounts are accepted specifically for Fourteen Days of Free Demand Time only.

Level 2: Personal Presentation by Staff
With 10-25 years of experience, our collection professionals know how to get your money. A senior CCI collector is your team leader, working closely with you as an extension of your staff.

This individual is responsible for and can always be relied on for answers to important questions, status updates and ideas for improving recovery.

Level 3: Collection Attorney Network
A national and international network of bonded attorneys specializing in commercial collections and collection litigation will be utilized when letters and phone calls aren't successful.

We provide this level of service wherever the debtor may be. Most agencies charge an administrative fee for doing this. Or won't forward accounts under $5,000 at all. CCI forwards all claims over $500 to the legal collection network, and there is no charge until a recovery is made.

Collection Procedures Consultation

Our collection pros have headed credit departments in companies just like yours. They've walked in your shoes; they know exactly the kind of problems you face. Their advice and solutions can ease your burden and make your operations more successful, even to the extent of helping you create new policies.

For a free consultation to learn more contact us.